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Linear Motion Products

SITI supports our customers utilizing  Ball Screws, Robotic Grippers, Pneumatic / Hydraulic Rod Clamps, Aluminum Profile Systems, Servo / Stepper Actuators, Stepper Motors and Drives, Pneumatic Fittings, Bellows Systems, Couplings, Gearboxes, plus Customer Design and Build Services.

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You need someone to design, fabricate, and build that special part? 
SITI can do that too!

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Existing customer applications include: Actuators, Medical, Material Handling, Gantry Robots, Machine Tools, Assembly, Packaging, Conveying, Machine Guarding, Pick and Place, and Palletizing.

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Air / Electronic Cylinders and Accessories 

Ball Screws 

Ball Screws

Clutch / Brakes

Clutch / Brake Systems

Couplings / Drives

Couplings / Drives


Linear Actuators

Linear Actuators

Linear Motion 

Linear Motion Systems

Motion Control

Motion Control

Pneumatic Products

Pneumatic Products

Profile Systems

Robotic Grippers


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